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Usually referred to as the “Swinging Sixties” – this is a decade of impressive memories. Youth culture had fashion leaders to follow – whether it was Twiggy with her incredible false eyelashes or modelling the famous mini skirts from British designer Mary Quant or the Beatles for their scandalous mop top hair cuts and their fabulous collection of music which is still enjoyed all over the world today. Epic films seemed to be in vogue: Ben Hur won 11 Oscars in 1960 and other films of the decade included classics such as Spartacus and Cleopatra. Cleopatra starred Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton which was at the time the most expensive film ever made at a cost of $40 million ($250 million in today’s money!).

In the UK, the cobbles of Coronation Street first appeared on our TV screens in 1961 as did Doctor Who in 1963. Cliff Richard was popular with his music and in films such as the Young Ones and Summer Holiday. The most memorable event in the UK just had to be England hosting and then going on to win the World Cup in 1966 on 30th July at Wembley Stadium.

With such a remarkable decade to look back on, here are a few cocktail ideas inspired by some of the most memorable characters and events during this amazing time. We hope you enjoy trying them out!

Jackie K

Jackie KOne of the style icons of the 1960s was undoubtedly Jacqueline Kennedy. Married to President John F Kennedy, 1960 was the year the glamorous young couple arrived at the White House. Considered to be the epitome of elegance, style and great taste in everything she did, Jackie Kennedy’s influence continued throughout the 1960s. Her carefully groomed yet stylish clothes generated huge interest and were copied all over the world – notably the pill box hat.
The Jackie K cocktail is a simple yet stylish recipe to make up. All the ingredients bar one are blended together and poured into a wine glass: De Kuyper Apricot Brandy, De Kuyper Triple Sec, Angostura Bitters and single cream. To finish off, add a generous dash of De Kuyper Grenadine to the top of the cocktail. Because of the thickness of the Grenadine liquid it will sink to the bottom of the glass.

Vodka Martini

Vodka MartiniIn 1962 a British legend appeared on the silver screen for the first time. The first James Bond film Dr No opened with then relatively unknown Sean Connery in the role of the spy with style. His cocktail of choice has always been the Vodka Martini “shaken not stirred”. Our recommended recipe uses vodka and Noilly Prat Dry vermouth – although at in-the-spirit we prefer to stir our Martini to achieve an almost clear liquid drink and strong flavour rather than the slight cloudiness that can occur when the ingredients are shaken with ice. Try it out for yourself and see which way you prefer. The right way is the one you find you like – whatever anyone else thinks! The best recipe for a Martini cocktail will always be a hot topic of debate with any mixologist or cocktail connoisseur!

Emma Peel

Emma PeelBetween 1965 and 1967 our own British style icon emerged in the form of Emma Peel (played by Diana Rigg) - new sidekick to John Steed in the cult TV series The Avengers. Her portrayal of the sophisticated Mrs Peel ensured the series was broadcast in over 120 countries and is still shown all over the world today. As our tribute to such a sophisticated and cool character, we have a sophisticated cocktail! The Emma Peel cocktail is a stunningly easy combination of De Kuyper Cherry Brandy, pineapple juice topped with champagne. Perfect!

Chocolate Full Moon

Chocolate Full MoonIf you were around to watch it, to see a man on the moon for the first time must have been an incredible experience. Neil Armstrong landed in Apollo 11 in 1969 with the immortal words “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. Star Trek also made its TV debut in 1969 – promising to “boldly go where no man had gone before … “ Well we haven’t come up with a cocktail about a rocket or a starship (!) but we thought a Chocolate Full Moon cocktail would fit the bill. Made with tequila, De Kuyper Crème de Cacao and fresh cream, this recipe is a rich and chocolatey treat.

Red Army

Red ArmyThroughout the 1960s the Russians seemed to affect events all over the world – quite literally! Whether it be for Yuri Gagarin being the first man to orbit the earth, Kruschev’s negotiations with JFK over the dismantling of nuclear weapons or for the epic film production of Doctor Zhivago set during the Russian Revolution based on Boris Pasternak’s novel. Here we have our own Russian cocktail called Red Army based on that most Russian of drinks – vodka. Made with vodka, De Kuyper Triple Sec and Crème de Framboise (raspberry flavoured liqueur) this is as red as it gets!

As always, in-the-spirit recommends drinking all cocktail recipes on the site in moderation.



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