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As we’re sure you’ll know by now - here at in-the-spirit we don’t need any excuse to try out new cocktail ideas. We also have no trouble finding inspiration to make up some new ones either!!

With this feature, we’re trying to banish thoughts of the cold wet UK climate and dream about exotic and unusual places where we would like to go on holiday. So take a mini world tour with us to get ideas of cocktails you could be drinking if you decide to holiday in the parts of the world we have chosen.


SpringbokFirst stop on the “in-the-spirit world tour” is South Africa where our favourite cream liqueur Amarula is made. When in Capetown after visiting one of the world’s most astonishing sights – Table Mountain - take a pause at the Victoria and Alfred waterfront and have a “Springbok” cocktail. We’re not sure whether this cocktail was named for the South African rugby team or the springbok gazelle, but which ever story you prefer, we know that you will love this sublime concoction of Amarula Cream and De Kuyper Crème de Menthe. Its like a liquid peppermint Aero bar – yummy!

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MadrasNext on the whistle-stop cocktail tour of the world is India. Our Madras cocktail is named after India’s 4th largest city (which has now been renamed Chennai). As a port Madras has always attracted merchants and traders making it a booming cosmopolitan city – particularly well known for thriving film industry. The Madras cocktail is striking to look at because of the vivid colour of the ingredients used – vodka with cranberry juice and orange juice – reminiscent of the colourful herbs and spices which make Indian food so enticing. The cocktail ingredients are mixed by building the cocktail in a highball glass over ice and garnished with a slice of orange.


JasmineTravelling North East from India, we are taking you to the Orient next for a taste of China. Here we have a delicious cocktail called Jasmine which has a bitter sweet flavour to echo the essence and aroma of this healing plant found in China. The Chinese name for Jasmine is “mo li hua” and there it is often taken with tea. Used as an essential oil in aromatherapy, Jasmine is believed to relieve depression, lift the spirits and boost confidence. Of course, we can’t promise that our “Jasmine” cocktail can do all that, but we are sure that when you taste this luscious combination of the aromatic flavour of gin, Campari bitters and the tangy flavour of De Kuyper Triple Sec – we feel sure you will find it irresistible.

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Margarita¡¡Y Arriba!!!! Travelling east around the world, next we arrive in Mexico! Whether your idea of the perfect holiday is to be a culture vulture visiting ancient Aztec monuments or a beach lover lazing under a large sombrero on Acapulco beach, you can’t go to “Mehico” without partaking of one of their traditional cocktails – the Margarita. This is a classic cocktail using the Mexican national drink – tequila – which is made from the agave plant. To make it you also need De Kuyper Triple Sec, lime juice and caster sugar. All you do is shake all the ingredients together, pour into a martini glass and enjoy!

Blue Lagoon
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Blue LagoonLast but not least after all that travelling, we finish up somewhere you can completely relax and chill out. Imagine yourself lying under a large palm tree on an idyllic beach with white sand and with sea a cobalt shade of blue so clear that you can still see your feet in it - somewhere like the Bahamas. Our next suggested recipe for you to try has a name that is inspired by paradise – the Blue Lagoon. Made from gin, vodka and De Kuyper Blue Curacao with lime juice and caster sugar – this is a delicious, beautiful cocktail to look at as well as to drink.



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