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To give you a helping hand to survive that New Years Eve party whether you are visiting relatives or friends – or if they are visiting you, we’ve put together a handy reference of cocktail recipes to help you finish the year with style.

If you end up visiting family this new years eve and know that they’ll have the usual assortment of traditional liqueurs and spirits like Advocaat, Cherry Brandy and Gin – don’t despair! To make the day full of colourful and tasty cocktails – even using liqueurs you probably wouldn’t normally think of – you can be bold with some truly classic cocktail ingredients.

Have a look at our favourite New Years Eve cocktail recipes.


SnowballDon’t diss your Granny and Aunty Mabel’s favourite traditional New Years Eve drink. This is a smooth blend of delectable Warninks Advocaat and lemonade with a dash of lime juice. Or if you want to be a bit more adventurous with your advocaat why not try a Coral Reef or a Ginger Snap?

Gin & Cherry Sling

Gin & Cherry SlingInstead of serving a G&T as a pre New Years Eve lunch drink – why not try out a Gin & Cherry Sling? Using another classic favourite of Granny’s – the delectable De Kuyper Cherry Brandy mixed with premium gin. Cherry Brandy is often considered to be quite old fashioned – but it is an extremely versatile liqueur which is used in many classic cocktails – not to mention many new ones. Why not try out a De Kuyper Cherry Brandy in a Cherry Blossom cocktail or even Fred Astaire’s reputed favourite – a Cherry Martini?

Cranberry Kick

Cranberry KickFollowing for a New Years Eve theme and the lovely cranberry sauce to go with your turkey, why not try De Kuyper Cranberry liqueur in a deliciously fruity Cranberry Kick cocktail? Made with De Kuyper Cranberry liqueur, vodka and topped up with cranberry juice with a squeeze of lime – this is a refreshingly fruity cocktail which we’re sure everyone will love.

Blu Fizz

Blu Fizz If you’re pushing the boat out and having a bottle of champagne with your New Years Eve lunch main course, adding a dash of cocktail liqueur can transform it to something even more exotic. Why not add a dash of De Kuyper Blue Curaçao to create a Blu Fizz cocktail – or if you prefer to be a little more conventional, try a classic Kir Royale made with champagne and a generous dash of De Kuyper Crème de Cassis.

Fruity Rum Punch

Fruity Rum PunchInstead of only using dark rum to add to the flavour of your New Years Eve pudding, don’t forget this is a great all round cocktail ingredient too. Try out a Fruity Rum Punch made from Woods 100 Rum, orange juice, lemon juice and a generous dash of Angostura Bitters. Alternatively you could try out Planters Punch or even a Shark Bite – both which include dark rum as the key cocktail liqueur ingredient.

Disaronno Darkness

Disaronno DarknessTo finish a festive New Years Eve meal in style, go for a liqueur coffee. Our recommendation is for an Italian classic – Disaronno Darkness. Made with a shot of Disaronno Amaretto, 3 shots of piping hot strong black coffee topped off with single cream – what could be a more perfect way to round off a New Years Eve feast. Many liqueurs blend superbly with coffee – other in-the-spirit recommendations would be an Amarula Coffee or even a Dutch coffee.

We hope that our New Years Eve list gives you some new or different cocktail ideas to try out and that you have a amazing New Years Eve and all the best for 2005!

Please drink in-the-spirit cocktails in moderation.



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